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A dedicated group of individuals come together to form the Iowa FFA Foundation Sponsoring Committee. 

Throughout the year they work to plan and coordinate our various fundraising events such as the Black Tie Blue Jacket Gala and the Iowa FFA Foundation Golf Tournament. 

 They further assist by helping our staff build relationships with donors and partners to help us fulfill our mission of cultivating relationships that support Agricultural Education in Iowa.


2019-2020 Sponsoring Committee Chair: Josh Earll
District Member Company Phone E-mail Sub-Committee
NE  Robert Hanson Pioneer Seed Dealer (319) 560-9933 [email protected]  Marketing & Promotions - Co-Chair
NE Cole Moody Student (319) 651-0023 [email protected]   
NC Billie Asmus Asmus Farm Supply   [email protected]  
NC Holden Asmus  Asmus Farm Supply (641) 590-5844 [email protected]  

Josh Earll

Bayer Crop Science (712) 461-2679 [email protected]  Sponsoring Committee Chair
NC  Afton Holt CornerPost Marketing  (515) 835-9528 [email protected]  
NW  Vance Lundell  Lundell Plastics  (712) 668-2400 [email protected]  
SE Bonnie Andersen Executive Ag. Recruiting (563) 543-2719 [email protected]

Development/Recruitment - Co-Chair 

Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala

SC  Matt Adams People's Company (515) 423-9235 [email protected]   
SC Tyler Anderson  Nationwide (515) 836-8022 [email protected] Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala
SC  Jason Berkland Nationwide (515) 419-3551 [email protected] 25th Annual Golf Tournament - Co-Chair
SC  Jody Boord  Nationwide  (641) 344-7083 [email protected]  25th Annual Golf Tournament - Co-Chair
SC Christopher Boyens John Deere (309) 236-0648 boyensc[email protected]  
SC  Dianne Downing-Nelson DMACC (515) 964-6233 [email protected]  
SC  Irene Gardner Robert Half (515) 867-4900 [email protected] Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala 
SC Bryon Martin Retired (515) 988-0500 [email protected]  
SC  Drew Mogler Iowa Pork Producers (712) 470-3038 [email protected]
SC Clint Pilcher Corteva (515) 494-0326 [email protected] Development/Recruitment - Co-Chair 
SC Stacey Sanderson American Family (702) 510-8595 [email protected]

Marketing & Promotions - Co-Chair

Black Ties Blue Jackets Gala - Co-Chair

Alumni  Nate Gibson Iowa FFA Alumni  (515) 202-8848 [email protected]  
FFA Chandler Jahner Iowa FFA President   [email protected]