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Walker McDermott

Though FFA goes back three generations in my family, I wasn’t fully introduced to the idea of FFA until my older brother’s last chapter banquet when he was elected as the new president. I also was able to tag along on some of his livestock judging quests, and I guess you could say from that point on I was in it for the long haul. Even without the inspiration of my brother, it is basically a given that a McDermott kid will be apart of the FFA regardless if they want to or not; the blue corduroy is like a family heirloom that is cherished by everyone.


 My FFA career started in the 8th grade since my chapter was one of the very first in my area to have a middle school program. When I first started the FFA I thought it was all about the “cows, sows, and plows,” but as time has gone on and my roles in the FFA have progressed I have truly come to appreciate the FFA and everything it supports. As high school came on I started to realize that the FFA offered more than just showing livestock.


 FFA has taught me so many life lessons and has helped me gain numerous life long friends. If you know my family, we are definitely not quiet, but this organization is the reason why I have jumped out my bubble and have become the person I am today. I have learned the true meaning of responsibility, accountability, sportsmanship, caring, and so much more.


 This past year has been an eventful one for sure. I have been blessed to be voted the Southwest District Vice President and also be voted as my Chapter’s President. FFA and the ag industry are two things that I am very passionate about and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be apart of. It is all so life changing and influential in making growing leaders that will someday help run and support our country.

FFA Activities: Southwest District Vice President, Middle School Chapter President, Chapter President, Chapter Sentinel, Creed Speaking CDE, Ag Sales CDE, Chapter Program CDE, Livestock Evaluation CDE, Soil Evaluation CDE, Greenhand Fire Up, COLT, Swine Entrepreneurship CDE, and Swine Placement CDE.