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The Iowa FFA Foundation is dedicated to providing developing relationships to secure financial support for all of Iowa’s agricultural education organizations, including the Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators, Iowa FFA Alumni Association, Iowa FFA Association, and Postsecondary Agricultural Students of Iowa.


How does your contribution help?

  • Supports the development of quality agricultural education programs for high school students and FFA members.
  • Recognizes FFA members' achievements through awards and scholarships.
  • Continues international experience programs for FFA members.
  • Enhances the production of new instructional materials on agriculture.
  • Keeps instructors current on modern agricultural technologies at in-service workshops.
  • Supports and assists advancement of Iowa's and America's greatest natural resource—young people

Ways to make a contribution
The Iowa FFA Foundation accepts gifts in a variety of forms ensuring that we are able to find an opportunity to achieve the wishes of all donors. We encourage you to review the list below and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how you can make an impact on the future of agriculture!

Leadership Fund
Just as the name reads, the Leadership Fund is a fund that is used to support the mission of developing premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Resources are used as needed to fund operations as well as program management for those programs that would otherwise go unfunded. The Leadership Fund is critical to the Iowa FFA Foundation as it fosters growth, innovation and development within our organization.

Sponsored Projects Fund
For donors who wish to sponsor specific award areas such as agricultural proficiency awards, career development events, ag science fair, community development, safety activities, and leadership training.

Endowment Fund
Contributions of $25,000 or more may be designated as endowment gifts that generate interest income to be used for future FFA activities. These gifts can be pledged and paid in quarterly or annual installments allowing donors the ability to make much larger named gifts than otherwise thought possible.

Life Insurance Bequests
Naming the Iowa FFA Foundation as beneficiary of your life insurance policy is a great way to leave your legacy. Premium payments are tax deductible up to the legal limit of the entire value of the policy if initiated as a gift.

Life Share Gifts
You may designate a percentage of your life insurance to the Iowa FFA Foundation. While still ensuring financial resources are provided to your loved ones or additional charities, you can leave a legacy with the Iowa FFA Foundation.

Estate Gifts
Contributions of real estate or other assets may be written into your will. The Iowa FFA Foundation can work with you directly and an estate attorney to assist you with answering and establishing your gift.

Charitable Annuity
Creates current funds for Iowa FFA Foundation projects while guaranteeing income and estate value for charitable contributors. The Iowa FFA Foundation can work with you directly and our financial planning attorney to assist you with answering and establishing your gift.

Campaign Gifts

While the FFA Enrichment Center’s construction is complete, there are many resources needed to fully equip the facility as well as to fund the maintenance and programming held within the building for all members of Team Ag.Ed. To learn more and assist with this critical project please click here.

For those who believe in agricultural education and FFA, a meaningful way to remember loved ones and/or to express sympathy to others who have lost someone very dear to them, is through the giving of memorial money to the Iowa FFA Foundation. All memorials received by the Iowa FFA Foundation will be listed in an issue of the Iowa FFA Foundation news publication.

Non-Cash Gifts such as a Car, Tractor, Stock or even Grain through our Grain Drive
A unique opportunity where producers can make their charitable contribution through a gift of grain. The grain is immediately sold by the Iowa FFA Foundation for current market price allowing the participating grain facility to send a check directly to the Iowa FFA Foundation.

What programs may I designate my gift to?

Please contact the Iowa FFA Foundation today to discuss how you can get involved with any of the annual programs listed below. If you are interested in more information about any of these programs please click on their titles to go to their respective pages.

Agricultural Proficiency Awards
There are a total of 50 agricultural proficiency areas which attract the attention of many Iowa FFA members. FFA members complete applications on a local, district and state level to demonstrate skills and knowledge of a specific project they have chosen.


Currently in need of support

  • Dairy Production- Entrepreneurship

Career Development Events

FFA members are recognized for their knowledge, problem solving, and achievement of skills in Iowa FFA Career Development Events. These events are a critical part of the Ag.Ed. three circle model allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a competitive environment, while highlighting their understanding of their designated career area.

Collegiate Scholarships

The Iowa FFA Foundation is responsible for coordinating scholarships designed to assist students financially as they prepare for a career in the industry of agriculture.

Iowa State Fair FFA Exhibitor Awards

FFA members gain valuable experiences when exhibiting at the Iowa State Fair. Through diligent work many FFA members each year learn the value of their efforts at the Fair. Through their exhibits members are encourage to challenge themselves to achieve a greater level of awards, while demonstrating skills learned through their agricultural education program.

Power of Blue
The Power of Blue program assists in providing opportunities to over 20,000 agricultural education members in Iowa. Some of these opportunities are Career Development Events, Awards and Plaques, Iowa State Fair FFA activities, Ag Scholarships, Leadership Conferences, and Educational Programs. Multi-year giving program similar to that of Sharing with Pride as it also is designed to greatly increase support for FFA on an annual basis. Parents, past FFA members, FFA Alumni members, as well as current FFA members are encouraged to join Power of Blue. This program is designed to be fulfilled through only 5 annual payments and offers different contribution levels than that of Sharing with Pride. An invoice will be sent each year as a reminder of when your annual contribution is due. To learn more about Power of Blue, click here.

Sharing with Pride

The positive difference that FFA makes in the lives of young people stays with them long after they retire their blue jackets. It creates more capable leaders, better communicators, more productive citizens and higher-skilled workers. It's an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Multi-year giving program which is designed to greatly increase support for FFA on an annual basis. All parents, past FFA members, FFA Alumni members, as well as other individuals, associations, businesses and companies that are friends of FFA are encouraged to join Sharing with Pride. This commitment is to be fulfilled through 10 annual payments. A reminder will be sent each year to notify you of when your annual contribution is due. When enrolling in the Sharing with Pride program, please indicate whether your pledge and contributions are for the Iowa FFA Foundation's Leadership/General Fund or for the FFA Enrichment Center. To learn more about or join Sharing with Pride, click here.


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