Introducing the Corduroy Club!

Are you living to serve? Does your heart skip a beat when you see blue corduroy? Would you like to be a part of something bigger than yourself while supporting an organization that has given so much to you? What if it was easy and fun to continue to show your corduroy pride?

Read what donors are saying about the CORDUROY CLUB!

We cordially invite you to be a part of The Corduroy Club by the Iowa FFA Foundation

Through the Corduroy Club the Iowa FFA Foundation now makes it possible for individuals to give a 100% tax deductible recurring gift for as little as $5 per month.

What is it? The Corduroy Club through the Iowa FFA Foundation is a new program allowing individuals to make recurring tax deductible monthly gifts through a credit or debit card. Gift amounts start as little as $5 per month. By joining the Corduroy Club you pledge to join an elite group of supporters who contribute a simple monthly recurring gift.

How does it work? Enter your information and select the level of your monthly contribution. The Iowa FFA Foundation will process your gift on the first Monday of every month. Gift amounts can be changed as the need arises and a member can cancel at any time. Each January, Corduroy Club members will receive a tax statement for filing purposes and club members will also receive special thank you items based on their selected contribution level.

Where will my money go? Your monthly 100% tax deductible gift will be allocated by the Iowa FFA Foundation wherever the need is greatest. Your gift will continue the tradition of supporting Team Ag Ed in Iowa. These gifts help the Iowa FFA Foundation support all members of Iowa's Team Agricultural Education family by developing necessary resources required for the successful operation, growth and development of each organization and only through your generosity we are able to actively pursue our mission of Cultivating resources to support Iowa agricultural education!

Does $5 a month really make a difference? Yes it does! Your monthly contribution adds up quickly and helps to further cultivate the next generation of Agriculturalist to keep Team Ag Ed in Iowa strong. We invite you to further expand your impact by challenging your friends from your chapter or your fellow officer team to join us in giving back!

How do I become a member? Becoming a member of The Corduroy Club is easy! Click on Join the Corduroy Club link! It takes only minutes to make a lifetime of difference.

Corduroy Club Member Benefits

All Club members will receive the monthly Iowa FFA Foundation Newsletter, Year-end Tax Statement and have their name listed in the Iowa FFA Foundation Annual Report.

Members at $10 or more per month will also receive a Corduroy Club Window Sticker.

Members at $25 or more per month will also receive a Corduroy Club Lapel Pin.

At $50 or more per month your Corduroy Club benefit includes VIP seating at the Iowa FFA Leadership Conference.

At $100 or more per month your benefit includes a VIP invitation to the Iowa FFA Alumni Conference and a very special gift exclusively for donors at this level!

Privacy Policy

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