Ways To Give

At the Iowa FFA Foundation we are dedicated to developing relationships to secure financial support for all of Iowa’s agricultural education organizations, including the Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators, Iowa FFA Alumni Association, Iowa FFA Association and Postsecondary Agricultural Students of Iowa. We accept gifts in a variety of forms ensuring that we are able to find an opportunity to achieve the wishes of all donors.

We encourage you to review the list below, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how you can make an impact on the future of agriculture! To make a donation today or to speak with someone about making a contribution, call 515-965-7370 or email [email protected].

How does your contribution help our members?

  • Supports the development of quality high school and postsecondary agricultural education programs
  • Strengthening the members of Iowa FFA, Iowa PAS, IAAE and Iowa FFA Alumni
  • Recognizes FFA member achievement
  • Allows us to facilitate leadership training and conferences
  • Provides scholarships to Iowa students
  • Keep teachers current on the latest advancements in agricultural education, including STEM education
  • Supports and assists advancement of Iowa's and America's greatest natural resource—young people

How do we recognize and thank our donors?

  • Top-tier donors invited to the Sponsor Recognition Ceremony at the Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference
  • Donors listed in the Annual Report
  • Personalized thank you from the Iowa FFA Foundation
  • Recognition in our monthly e-newsletter
  • Potential donor visit from the Iowa FFA state officer team
  • Donor name on proficiencies, career development events and other awards
  • Donors recognized and invited to interact with members at various conferences

Ways to make a contribution

Campaign Gifts

While the FFA Enrichment Center’s construction is complete, there are many resources needed to fully equip the facility as well as to fund the maintenance and programming held within the building for all members of Team Ag Ed. To learn more and assist with this critical project please CLICK HERE.


Contributions of $25,000 or more may be designated as endowment gifts that generate interest income to be used for future FFA activities. These gifts can be pledged and paid in quarterly or annual installments allowing donors the ability to make much larger named gifts than otherwise thought possible. Call us today to learn about endowing agricultural education!

Annual Fund Support

Leadership Fund

Just as the name reads, the Leadership Fund is a fund that is used to support the mission of developing premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Resources are used as needed to fund operations as well as program management for those programs that would otherwise go unfunded. The Leadership Fund is critical to us as it fosters growth, innovation and development within our organization.

Iowa PAS Conferences

Is your company, organization or farming operation looking for new talent? The Iowa Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS) is designed to help connect students with a passion for agriculture to leaders in the business community. PAS holds two annual conferences--one in February and one in September--that challenge PAS members to showcase their talents and provide an opportunity for students to interact with potential employers. Supporters of Iowa PAS are able to promote their brand and connect their name with hundreds of talented agriculture students.

Iowa FFA Alumni Annual Conference

FFA alumni play a very important role in keeping agricultural education programs in our local schools. FFA chapters rely on their alumni to garner support from their local communities, raise funds for chapter activities and scholarships and assist at chapter events. At the state level, the Iowa FFA Alumni hold an annual conference every January to network, share ideas and learn from fellow professionals. Supporters of the Iowa FFA Alumni are invited to be recognized at the annual conference and connect their organization with hundreds of professionals, both in and out of the agriculture world.

Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators Annual Conference

FFA students need great agricultural educators. Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators (IAAE) is the premier professional organization for advancing agricultural education. The organization holds an annual summer conference at the FFA Enrichment Center that is designed to promote networking, share ideas and discuss ways to continually improve the agricultural education curriculum. Supporters of IAAE not only show they believe in highly valuable ag teachers, but also connect their brand and mission with Iowa's outstanding educators.

Iowa FFA Activities

  • Career Development Events
    FFA members are recognized for their knowledge, problem solving and achievement of skills in career development events (CDEs). These events are a critical part of the FFA "three-circle model," allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a competitive environment, while highlighting their understanding of their designated career area. Career development event competitions range from Parliamentary Procedure to Horse Judging to Floriculture. CLICK HERE to see the list of CDEs.
  • Proficiency Awards
    Proficiencies are a cornerstone of the agricultural education model and embody the "learning by doing" portion of the FFA motto. Students are either employed or operate their own business in a specific area of focus, and keep records on the skills and knowledge they gain. These abilities range from financial management to technical abilities. The top two students in each category are recognized at the Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference, and the state champions in each area go on to compete nationally. CLICK HERE to see the list of proficiencies.
  • Agriscience Fair
    The Agriscience Fair is for FFA members who are interested in the science and technology of agriculture. It it held each spring as part of the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa (SSTFI). Students can compete in 36 divisions across six system areas: Animal; Environmental and Natural Resources; Food Products and Processing; Plant; Power, Structural and Technical; Social. Recognition of the top members in each respective area occurs at the annual Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference in April. The winners in each division also qualifies for the National FFA Agrisciecne Fair, which is held during the National FFA Convention and Expo.
  • State Fair Exhibitor Premiums
    FFA members gain valuable experiences when exhibiting at the Iowa State Fair. With diligent work propelling them, many FFA members each year learn the value of their efforts at the fair. Through their exhibits members are encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve more, while demonstrating skills learned through their agricultural education program. Donors to these programs help provide premiums for FFA exhibitors in a designated category, ranging from livestock shows to photography to agricultural mechanics.
  • Student Development and Leadership Conferences
    The ability to lead and work as a team is crucial for any successful FFA member, both during their time in their chapter and in the future. Through a series of student development conferences, these members learn how to lead by example, celebrate each others' strengths and use them to be successful and develop a passion for FFA. CLICK HERE to learn about each of these integral conferences.

Collegiate Scholarships

At the Iowa FFA Foundation, we are responsible for coordinating scholarships designed to assist students financially as they prepare for a career in the industry of agriculture. We offer two distinct types of scholarships—Annual and Endowed. While they operate differently, they are designed to serve the ultimate goal of providing resources to students who excel in the classroom and display the ambition to succeed.

With the Annual Scholarship, donors may determine the amount they would like to contribute on an annual basis. The amount is then distributed in amounts pre-determined by the sponsor(s).

Endowed Scholarships given through us differ from many other non-profit organizations in that there is no administrative fee. All contributions applied from a donor to these scholarships goes directly to the recipient(s). The minimum initial contribution to create an Endowed Scholarship is $10,000, which would create $500 in scholarships.


For those who believe in agricultural education and FFA, a meaningful way to remember loved ones and/or to express sympathy to others who have lost someone very dear to them, is through a memorial gift. All memorials received by us will be listed in our Annual Report.

Life Insurance Bequests

Naming the Iowa FFA Foundation as beneficiary of your life insurance policy is a great way to leave your legacy. Premium payments are tax deductible up to the legal limit of the entire value of the policy if initiated as a gift.

Life Share Gifts

You may designate a percentage of your life insurance to the Iowa FFA Foundation. While still ensuring financial resources are provided to your loved ones or additional charities, you can leave a legacy with the Iowa FFA Foundation.

Estate Gifts

Contributions of real estate or other assets may be written into your will. We can work with you directly and an estate attorney to assist you with answering and establishing your gift.

Charitable Annuities

The gift of a charitable annuity creates current funds for Iowa FFA Foundation projects while guaranteeing income and estate value for charitable contributors. We can work with you directly and our financial planning attorney to assist you with answering and establishing your gift.

Non-Cash Gifts such as a Car, Tractor, Stock or Grain through our Grain Drive

The grain drive is a unique opportunity where producers can make their charitable contribution through a gift of grain. The grain is immediately sold by us for current market price allowing the participating grain facility to send a check directly to us. Additionally, we accept non-cash gifts such including bonds, stocks, land, equipment and vehicles.

Planned Giving

The Corduroy Club

Through the Corduroy Club the Iowa FFA Foundation now makes it possible for individuals to give a 100% tax deductible recurring gift for as little as $5 per month.

What is it? The Corduroy Club through the Iowa FFA Foundation is a new program allowing individuals to make recurring tax deductible monthly gifts through a credit or debit card. Gift amounts start as little as $5 per month. By joining the Corduroy Club you pledge to join an elite group of supporters who contribute a simple monthly recurring gift.

How does it work? Enter your information and select the level of your monthly contribution. The Iowa FFA Foundation will process your gift on the first Monday of every month. Gift amounts can be changed as the need arises and a member can cancel at any time. Each January, Corduroy Club members will receive a tax statement for filing purposes and club members will also receive special thank you items based on their selected contribution level. For more information and to sign up click here.

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